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The Big Apple in the 1940’s in Black and White

A new exhibition dubbed “The Radical Camera” collects photos from the Photo League, a group of young, idealistic photographers, most of them Jewish Americans, formed in 1936. The exhibit showcases photos of New York from this era.

"Kids hear language that the bullies in this movie use every single day. And the language is such a true part of bullying. That’s what makes it so strong and makes the movie so real. If we were to get rid of the language or bleep it out it wouldn’t be as real, because no one bleeps out what kids say at school."

- Seventeen-year-old Katy Butler, who’s launching a campaign to downgrade the documentary “Bully” from an R rating to PG-13. (via thedailyfeed)

(via thedailyfeed)

Washington governor will sign marriage equality law TODAY


At a ceremony in Olympia today, Washington governor Chris Gregoire will sign into law a bill legalizing marriage equality in the state. Watch a live stream of the ceremony, starting at 11:30 Pacific time, here

The bill was passed by both the state House and Senate and will make Washington the seventh state (plus DC) where same-sex couples can get married. Conservative groups already say they’ll collect the signatures necessary to put the measure to a November vote, but considering California officials just ruled it unconstitutional to take away marriage rights that had already been granted, those efforts may not succeed. 

“I knew now was the time to face it,” Gov. Gregoire said in an interview with The Advocate last month after throwing her political weight behind the bill. “And as I faced it, both as a mom and as a wife, and as a Catholic, as a governor, and wrote it down on a piece of paper, the logic of it all fell into the words that I put down there.”

We did it, friends. Seven down, 43 to go.  

Definitely gonna be watching this one today.


Watch this right now. Republican Maureen Walsh gives an emotional, deeply personal speech during the debate for marriage equality in the state of Washington. I welled up. 


Washington governor Chris Gregoire has joined HRC’s Americans for Marriage Equality campaign with a video speaking out for marriage equality. More

Definitely a Gonzaga Alum I can stand by.


Video of the Day: Zeitgeist 2011 - Year in Review

Whoa. 2011 was a lot more intense than I remember. Awesome video recapping the insanity that was this year.


This dude from UCLA thought it’d be totally epic to go chill with Libyan rebels

“At spring break I told my friends a ‘sick’ vacation would be to come here and fight with the rebels,” Jeon told a perplexed reporter from the Christian Science Monitor, who had found the 21-year-old student, a non-Arabic speaker, encamped with a group of rebels in the desert. 

Two weeks ago, Jeon purchased a ticket from L.A. to Cairo. He then traveled by bus over the Libyan border and into the action. 

Unlike the scores of American college students with Libyan ancestry who have flocked back to the country to be a part of the movement to overthrow Gadhafi, Jeon has no ancestral ties to the region. Nor does he have any experience with firearms, or express any steadfast political views. Instead, Jeon’s motivation for joining the fight seems to have been born out of the desire to join in history as it was being made. 

“This is one of the few real revolutions,” Jeon said. “I just thought I’d come check it out.”

(via thedailyfeed)