... I Hope Not Sporadically.

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IL Bar Exam Survivors! Finally got to do some celebrating/catching up with one of the three people I knew taking the IL bar exam. While I am unsure about my own performance, I am substantially certain that Brittany did pass. Doing practice mpts on Saturday mornings > watching OTH (one tree hill). (note: My first MPT was on the day of the bar exam. Oops. But I did flip thru the book!)

T minus 12 days until the move, and gotta cram in hanging out with more of my favorite Chicago people (but perhaps I need to make the executive decision to lay off the 4am bars—raging headache).

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    AHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh; i missed this. Got those sugary thoughts though. You and OTH, haha. *Please visit me in New Mex
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    Something about a Bar Exam in New Mexico for BK. I can’t say much more about it bc this is something we were not...